DECHOX – Giving up Chocolate for February!

You may think cycling 1300 miles might be a tough challenge, but Sam faces one of her biggest yet – DECHOX!

What is Dechox?

Sam Pella 40 challenges Dechox Biscuits and PosterDechox is a nationwide challenge, set by one of Sam’s four chosen charities, The British Heart Foundation. The challenge is to give up chocolate throughout February. From a chocolate dusting on a cappuccino to sprinkles on your sherry trifle; anything with cocoa in it is off limits – especially those chocolate biscuits for elevenses! 

While the British Heart Foundation has come up with some handy hints and tips to survive Dechox, we’re hoping Sam’s other challenges will help to keep her mind off chocolate. Commenting on the challenge, Sam says…

“This is a tough one, especially as I still have some tasty treats left over from Christmas! I’ll be locking all the chocolate away and saving it until the 1st March to enjoy! I’m still cycling and chipping away at the miles so that will keep me busy also. Team Pella have set a fun challenge for me to do as well, so I’ll look forward to sharing that with you all soon. Thanks for all the support and donations so far!”

If you would like donate towards Sam’s 4 chosen charities as part of her 40 challenges, donations can be made here, or if it has inspired you to take part in Dechox, you can sign up here.

Posted: 1st February 2019

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