The 40 challenges ahead…

Well…there’s not quite 40 challenges at the moment, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises! Please keep checking back for news and updates.   


We very much enjoy going to conference, meeting old friends and new and whatever we do, we get great support. I’ll look forward to sharing my cycling antics with you and hoping some may join me along the way!

Did you know that for every hour spent cycling, it adds an hour to your life?! I’m aiming to cover a distance of 1300 miles over the coming months, that’s roughly 136 hours travelling to conference.


There’s a lot of thinking time when swimming! This challenge involves swimming a total distance of 40 kilometres. That’s 1600 lengths of a 25m competition swimming pool! It will probably take around 14 hours to complete this challenge! Plenty of time to plan some more amazing challenges! 


400 miles! That’s the equivalent of walking from Nottingham to Pays de la Loire, Nantes, France!
Walking an average 3mph, that’s over 133 hours! 


For those that know me, know I do not have the love or skill for baking! I’m going to be baking 40 cakes for my wonderful team, however, I hope the team won’t be too harsh on my baking, and my baking be to harsh on the team!


My aim is to volunteer 40 hours to each charity. As you know these charities are very close to my heart and while a monetary donation is much needed, you cannot put a price on the amazing work the volunteers do, I’m very much looking forward to being a part of their team, wherever possible.

Posted: 18th December 2017

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